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General Medicine




General Medicine or Internal Medicine encompasses a variety of health care practices which are evidence based, holistic and patient centric. The Department deals with various sub-specialties of Medicine like Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Cardiology, Emergency Medicine etc. Students are taught in an integrated manner incorporating basic sciences and laboratory medicine. The students and faculty will be given an opportunity to do research in collaboration with other Departments and agencies.


To aim to reach the pinnacle of success by setting standards in the practice of Internal Medicine and clinical research and be one of the foremost Departments in the field of Internal Medicine.


  • To train students to become excellent physicians and practice Ethical, evidence based medicine.
  • To inculcate the habit of involving themselves in clinical research.
  • To assist the students in collaborating with other departments and agencies in the course of practicing medicine and performing research activities.


Dr. Anil Kumar H
Dr. Anil Kumar HProfessor and Head
Dr. Betsy Mathew
Dr. Betsy MathewProfessor
Dr. Naveen M
Dr. Naveen MProfessor
Dr. Raghavendra Prasad B
Dr. Raghavendra Prasad B Professor
Dr. Karun Mahesh K. P <br />
Dr. Karun Mahesh K. P
Associate Professor
Dr. Shashikumar N
Dr. Shashikumar NAssistant professor
Dr. Shristi J Shetty
Dr. Shristi J ShettyAssistant Professor
Dr. Prajwal N
Dr. Prajwal N Senior Resident
Dr. Pooja R
Dr. Pooja RSenior Resident
Dr. Meghana M
Dr. Meghana MSenior Resident
Dr. Ujwal M Anagundi
Dr. Ujwal M AnagundiSenior Resident
Dr.Mohammed Muffasil
Dr.Mohammed MuffasilAssistant Professor
Dr. Lohith Raj Urs
Dr. Lohith Raj UrsAssistant professor
Dr. Harsha V Patel
Dr. Harsha V PatelAssistant Professor
Dr. Vidyasagar B
Dr. Vidyasagar B Senior Resident
Dr. Tayeeb Ahmed Siddique
Dr. Tayeeb Ahmed SiddiqueSenior Resident
Dr. Bharath M
Dr. Bharath MSenior Resident
Dr.Pavithra K
Dr.Pavithra KAssistant Professor
Dr. Gowtham S Gowda
Dr. Gowtham S GowdaAssistant Professor
Dr. Chandra Shekar T V
Dr. Chandra Shekar T VAssistant Professor
Dr. Bhargav V Bhat
Dr. Bhargav V Bhat Senior Resident
Dr Prashanth S K
Dr Prashanth S KSenior Resident
Dr. Roopashree A
Dr. Roopashree ASenior Resident
Dr. Nayana R
Dr. Nayana RAssistant Professor
Dr. Aishwarya R
Dr. Aishwarya RAssistant Professor
Dr. Madhushree M
Dr. Madhushree MAssistant Professor
Dr. Anusha A
Dr. Anusha ASenior Resident
Dr. Rakshitha N S
Dr. Rakshitha N SSenior Resident
Dr. Tejaswini
Dr. Tejaswini Senior Resident

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