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dr hemachandra sagar

Dr. D Hemachandra Sagar, Chancellor - DSU

Join me in taking the first steps as we start our journey with Dr. Chandramma Dayananda Sagar Institute of Medical Education and Research under Dayananda Sagar University (DSU) that is backed by the legacy of Dayananda Sagar Institutions. Year 2020 would be one more major milestone in our pursuit of excellence in the higher education space opening up significant opportunities to the community that we belong to.

CDSIMER is committed to create young professionals who are not only industry ready, but are sensitive to the changing societal needs along with the advancements technological advances. CDSIMER ecosystem provides an environment of learning, innovation and research where young minds can come together and explore their chosen domains. Our journey of last six decades, in educational institutions, is one of greatest fulfillment witnessed by the successes that we have achieved. We continuously get encouraged to develop new vision to achieve newer goals in the years to come.

Welcome to our medical college and wishing all of you a great future!

Dr. D Premachandra Sagar, Pro Chancellor - DSU

Success is not an accident. It comes with hard work, perseverance, learning, and most of all, sacrifice. Even the best and the focused individuals with complete dedication and involvement will need an ideal environment to flourish with the help of institutional leadership, an academic ambience, a responsive culture, and support that allows an easy access to knowledge and infrastructure alongside other critical needs. At CDSIMER, we provide a comprehensive platform that addresses the diverse needs of our young students who are the future of our nation.

While in campus, when you move around, you will witness several pleasant surprises. The infrastructure of this campus is being built to simply be the best in the country. It compares to the best in the developed world, in fact.

It is a great pleasure to lead this dream medical school as part of the Dayananda Sagar University ecosystem with exceptionally talented faculty who are noted national experts in the care of patients, education of the next generation of physicians, and conduct of research to advance the science of caring for the ill. As healthcare providers, first and foremost, we are committed to providing cutting edge care to our patients we care for. Our educators have established nationally-recognized, curricula to ensure that our medical students emerge ready to be not just outstanding clinicians but leaders in their areas of interest.

We are focusing our efforts to increase our diversity and faculty development, and grow rapidly in the research programs, both in investigation led initiatives and clinical trials, in the years that follow. We are also working to place ourselves among the top 20 medical schools in the country.

I invite you to explore and understand the legacy of this institution and the value it offers to its stakeholders.

Dr Premachandra Sagar

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