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The Department of Pediatrics deals with providing routine and emergency services to children and adolescents. The main focus is on the overall child development and the department promises to hold hands from the time of birth into their adulthood. The faculty is well trained in premier hospitals of the country and offer expert services in most pediatric sub-specialties working in tandem with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in particular and all other Departments in general.

A well- established training program for undergraduate students has been laid down keeping in mind all the requisite skills necessary for an Indian Medical graduate to deal with the ailments of pediatric patients.

They are encouraged to develop a keen interest in research and academic activities under the guidance of the Department and other collaborating agencies.


To provide comprehensive and holistic Child health-care in a family centered environment and work with the community and other Government agencies in training, research and disease prevention.


  • To provide individual and special attention to all pediatric patients in the course of treatment of pediatric illnesses.
  • To work with other Departments and Community in offering expertise for preventive health care in pediatric diseases.
  • To teach and train students in developing the correct attitude and communicating with pediatric patients and their attendants.
  • To teach students in achieving perfection as regards skills necessary in dealing with pediatric patients and stimulate an aptitude for research.


Dr. Asha Benakappa
Dr. Asha BenakappaProfessor and Head
Dr.Chiranth R
Dr.Chiranth RAssistant Professor
Dr. Nida Asif
Dr. Nida AsifSenior Resident
Dr. Girish S Gowda
Dr. Girish S Gowda Senior Resident
Dr. Chinmayi Y S
Dr. Chinmayi Y SSenior Resident
Dr. Naveen D Benakappa
Dr. Naveen D Benakappa Professor
Dr.Ajay K R
Dr.Ajay K RAssistant professor
Dr. Siddalingesha R
Dr. Siddalingesha RSenior Resident
Dr. Apoorva I G
Dr. Apoorva I GSenior Resident
Dr. Supriya S Y
Dr. Supriya S YSenior Resident
Dr.Haricharan K R
Dr.Haricharan K RProfessor
Dr.Kancherla Poojitha
Dr.Kancherla PoojithaAssistant professor
Dr. Swamy Manjunath ST
Dr. Swamy Manjunath STSenior Resident
Dr. Suvetha P
Dr. Suvetha P Senior Resident
Dr. Uma Y Doddabudihal
Dr. Uma Y DoddabudihalSenior Resident
Dr.Raksha S K
Dr.Raksha S KAssociate Professor
Dr.Monica D
Dr.Monica DAssistant Professor
Dr. Rahul R
Dr. Rahul RSenior Resident
Dr. Ashwini H N
Dr. Ashwini H NSenior Resident
Dr. Veena Bajulge
Dr. Veena BajulgeSenior Resident

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