Biochemistry deals with studying health and disease from molecular and cellular perspectives. It provides insight into the normal chemical processes taking place at a molecular level and provides a rational basis for the practice of medicine. It is the foundation for understanding all biological functions. Biochemistry encompasses an incredibly diverse field of research, spread across various subspecialties like molecular genetics, nano-medicine, cell biology, and proteomics to mention a few. Biochemistry and medicine share a strong mutual cooperative relationship. Apart from working towards laying a solid academic foundation, the Department of Biochemistry also intend to sow the seed of research in young budding minds of Indian Medical Graduates. As part of central diagnostics in the hospital wing, clinical biochemistry supports clinical decision making through quality investigation reports.


The Department aims at achieving academic excellence in medical teaching and to be one of the premier research Institutes in the country.


  • Adapting innovative, integrated methods of teaching & learning and assessment methods to promote critical thinking in students.
  • To lay a concrete foundation about our subject among medical graduates in the form of clinically oriented, application based teaching.
  • Mentoring our students towards professionalism and comprehensive development.
  • Continual improvement of faculty.
  • Provide the nucleus for ground breaking and transformative research by using futuristic techniques and research methodologies.


Dr. Shilpa H. D.
Dr. Shilpa H. D.Professor and Head
Dr. Leelambika C <br />
Dr. Leelambika C
Associate Professor
Dr. Prithvi Shankar <br />
Dr. Prithvi Shankar
Associate Professor
Dr. Sahana Y <br />
Dr. Sahana Y
Assistant Professor
DR. MOHANA KUMARI CAssistant Professor
Ms.Keerthika Thota
Ms.Keerthika ThotaTutor
Dr.Chinmai Jagadish
Dr.Chinmai JagadishAssistant Professor
Ms.Akshitha S
Ms.Akshitha STutor
Ms. Uzma Kousar <br />
Ms. Uzma Kousar
Ms. Kusuma M R <br />
Ms. Kusuma M R
Mr. Venkatesh Rathod <br />
Mr. Venkatesh Rathod

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