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Dr. Chandramma Dayananda Sagar Institution for Medical Education and Research (CDSIMER) has a 650 bed tertiary care hospital , which will be augmented to a 1350 bed facility in the next 2 years. The hospital is built to cater to about 200 surrounding villages in the area. The hospital aims to provide comprehensive care under one roof to all its patients from all walks of life. At this time, we are empanelled and are accepting all government medical schemes.

The campus is built with a lot of value additions, namely, parking facilities for patients and their attendants, designated areas for patients and their attendants to spend time together while the patient is in the hospital. Cafeteria for faculty, staff, students, patients and attendants is located in the ground floor.

Outpatient Department and Inpatient Department

A spacious, well-ventilated Outpatient Department (OPD) catering to all specialities is located conveniently in the ground floor of the building. Separate examination rooms to maintain privacy of our patients is provisioned inside the OPD area. Laboratory, Radiology and Diagnostics services are available to all OPD patients, which include both routine and specialised investigations. There is an enquiry counter located in the OPD area itself and to facilitate our patients we do have a Public Relations Officer (PRO) available at the OPD to ensure all patient queries are addressed.

To provide comfort to our patients and their families visiting the OPD, there are adequate facilities created for seating, access to drinking water and wash rooms. The hospital is networked with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system and uses Hospital Information System (HIS). The hospital aims to become completely digitized in the near future.

In-patient Department has an adequate number of beds in the wards, dedicated for adult male, adult female, pediatric patients in addition to the labour wards. Every dedicated ward is complimented with facilities like treatment room(s), patient preparation rooms. There are sufficient number of lifts, ramps, staircases, wheel chairs and trolley facilities available to cater to the diverse needs of our patients. A diet kitchen facility is also available that operates under the supervision of a qualified Clinical Diet Committee that tailor-makes and prescribes a diet for each patient, depending on their medical condition.

Accident and Emergency Services

The hospital is equipped with a comprehensive emergency department that offers round the clock services and is staffed by trained medical and paramedical staff members. The gamut of services includes medical, surgical, orthopaedic, pediatric and trauma services with a backup of Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The Department is supported by an alert and well-trained team of patient evacuation service facility equipped with critical lifesaving equipments. The other support services include a 24*7 laboratory, radiology and diagnostics, and blood bank.

The department is equipped to handle a large number of patients at all times, which will also help in facilitating learning among medical students by getting involved with practical hands-on training for dealing with medical emergency situations among medical personnel.

Intensive Care Services

The Department of Intensive Care meets the need of patients facing an immediate life-threatening health condition. The 100-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU), which includes adult, pediatric, neonatal, surgical and isolation (ICU) wards is managed by a team of well-qualified medical and nursing staff to cater to all the critical care requirements of patients using advanced therapeutic monitoring and diagnostic technology. The Department is geared up to provide up to the minute expert care and services to the critically ill patients. A dialysis center has been established to complement the critical care services.

Anaesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine

There are fourteen (14) well-equipped modern Operating Theatres (OTs) manned by qualified anaesthesiologists and theatre technicians catering to the needs of all basic surgical and super-specialities. All operating theatres are fitted with HEPA filters, with modern anaesthesia work stations and with motorized tables. All theatres are wired up for remote transmission for purposes of training and workshops. All facilities necessary for enabling minimal access surgical procedures have also been made available.

Blood Bank Facility

The Department of Transfusion Medicine is committed to provide safe and high quality blood and blood products for catering to the blood requirements of patients. The round the clock fully functional department is fully equipped with component separation and storage. (Platelets, RBCs, Fresh frozen plasma and Cryoprecipitate) A state of the art apheresis unit is also a part of the blood center.

Quality assurance is ascertained to ensure supply of safe blood units as per the hospital demands. We follow world class standards and acceptable procedures and use modern equipment for testing and screening of blood. Donor counselling, pre- transfusion testing, increasing active donor base, antibody screening and identification, compatibility testing and timely quality check of the reagents are a part of the workflow.

The blood center has successfully issued over multiple units of blood in-house over the past few months to patients scheduled for surgeries, accident victims, patients receiving treatment for leukemias, cancers and thalassemias. The blood center team is actively involved in mobilizing potential voluntary donor populations to cater to the blood demands of the hospital round the clock and also has been issuing units to nearby nursing homes and storage centres located in proximity when asked for. Saline washed RBCs are also prepared in house and issued when clinically indicated.

Policies for donor selection are formulated taking into account the latest regulatory guidelines, striving to maintain the balance between safety and sufficiency of the blood supply.

Radiology and Diagnostic Services

The Department of Radiology and Diagnostics focuses on identifying a wide range of medical issues. The most common situations are identifying broken bones, diagnosing heart conditions, identifying the location of blood clots, diagnosing gastrointestinal conditions and many more. The purpose behind diagnostic imaging at the Department of Radiology and Diagnostics is to use non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques to identify and treat medical conditions.Currently, we are equipped with radio diagnostic equipment like X-Ray machines and ultrasonography and CT scan. We will shortly be adding to the biomedical infrastructure with MRI scanners.

Lab Medicine Services

The hospital is complimented with a large, well-equipped central laboratory that is equipped to process almost all tests. Central laboratory is organized into three sub-tracks: Clinical Biochemistry, Pathology and Microbiology which in turn has eight sub-divisions such as clinical pathology, haematology, histopathology, bacteriology, virology, serology, immunology and molecular biology. Central laboratory also caters to each of these subdivisions by providing cutting- edge technology and adavanced diagnostic services. The department of Lab Medicine embraces a culture of centralization and consolidation of specialized laboratory services which aims to provide evaluation and diagnosis in a timely and efficient manner.

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