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General Surgery


The Department of General Surgery provides, apart from out-patient care, both open general and Minimally Invasive surgical procedures by a well-qualified team of surgeons. The Department strives to provide an intellectually stimulating environment to motivate and inspire a generation of students of General Surgery at all levels in their quest for knowledge and to enable them to realize their potential to the fullest extent.

The faculty provides surgical services in a modern well-equipped operation theatre complex at the attached hospital and provides a platform to junior staff and students to acquire all the necessary surgical skills required of them. The faculty has a good background in research and publications and thus is capable of motivating youngsters.


To provide quality training, exemplary attitude and desired communication skills to all the faculty and students aspiring to take up the specialty of tending to surgical patients and stress the need for excellence in their pursuit a surgical career.


  • To train students in a setting of state of the art out-patient, in-patient and operating setup.
  • To assist and collaborate with other Departments in making the students achieve desired communication skills and attitudes in the practice of Surgery.
  • To instill a sense of sincerity and discipline in the practice of Surgery and hone their basic skills.   
  • To inculcate the habit of performing research and publishing articles from an early stage.


Dr.Gopal Subbaiah
Dr.Gopal SubbaiahProfessor
Dr. Mukunda N. K. <br />
Dr. Mukunda N. K.
Associate Professor
Dr.Jeevan Kumar D V <br/>
Dr.Jeevan Kumar D V
Assistant professor
Dr. Manisha Narayana
Dr. Manisha NarayanaAssistant Professor
Dr. Shivakumara D M
Dr. Shivakumara D M Senior Resident
Dr Karthik Patel K M
Dr Karthik Patel K MSenior Resident
Dr. Surabhi Sainath
Dr. Surabhi SainathSenior Resident
Dr.B S Satish Rao
Dr.B S Satish RaoProfessor
Dr. Anil Kumar K N
Dr. Anil Kumar K NAssociate Professor
Dr.Varsha R K
Dr.Varsha R KAssistant professor
Dr. C S Pavan Kumar
Dr. C S Pavan KumarAssistant Professor
Dr. Keshavanath M
Dr. Keshavanath M Senior Resident
Dr. Shefa Hussain
Dr. Shefa Hussain Senior Resident
Dr. Lokesh M N <br />
Dr. Lokesh M N
Dr. Praveen G <br />
Dr. Praveen G
Associate Professor
Dr.Sharath Kumar M <br/>
Dr.Sharath Kumar M
Assistant Professor
Dr. Srinivasa Gowda K
Dr. Srinivasa Gowda KSenior Resident
Dr. Shreevatsa M S
Dr. Shreevatsa M SSenior Resident
Dr. Aravind R
Dr. Aravind RSenior Resident
Dr. Pratap Balakrishna
Dr. Pratap BalakrishnaProfessor
Dr.Vishnuvardhan P
Dr.Vishnuvardhan PAssistant Professor
Dr.Sharathchandra Tejas
Dr.Sharathchandra Tejas Assistant Professor
Dr. Aishwarya R
Dr. Aishwarya RSenior Resident
Dr Venuprasad N
Dr Venuprasad N Senior Resident
Dr. Akanksha K
Dr. Akanksha KSenior Resident

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